AARP has this great Multiplayer Chess Game. is a database of historical chess games combined with discussion forums, forming the internet's oldest and best chess learning community.

    Let's play 3D Chess.

    Highly recommended

    Play chess live with opponents worldwide via InstantChess.

    Highly recommended

    Flash Chess - To move a piece, just click on it and the computer will mark cell to which you can make the move. On your right you can see the game history.

    eChess is turn-based correspondence chess let's you play chess with your friends at any time, and at your own speed. Play standard rules or Chess960.

    Highly recommended

    Checkmate your opponent's king and win the game in Flash Chess.


    Play online at ChessHere.

    Play a friendly chess game online at GameKnot, or compete against rated chess players. Live and correspondence chess games, free online chess games database, monthly chess tournaments, Internet chess league, teams, clubs, puzzles and more!

    Chinese Chess - Enjoying playing chess with China-style pawns.

    Highly recommended

    The Internet Chess Club (ICC) is where beginners to grandmasters play online. The longest running and one of the most popular sites to play chess on the Internet.

    Play chess online against other people at ChessXpress.

    Daily Chess Game - Test your chess proficiency with three new free online chess games every day. Take your choice of easy, medium or hard chess puzzles.


    Play Easy Chess and try to win against the computer.


    Capture the black pawns before they reach the bottom of the board and attack your castle in Crazy Chess.


    A daily chess challenge for chess lovers, with an archive of chess games and chess moves from The Times and Sunday Times.


    Robo Chess - Test your ability and play chess against an intelligent and talking robot!

    Highly recommended